Camden Asbury Village (INDOOR CLASS) 

Lake Lynn (OUT DOOR CLASS) 3200 Lynn Rd. Raleigh NC, 27613                                                                                        

The Pleasant Valley Promenade (FALL, WINTER & INCLEMENT WEATHER CLASSES) 6282 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612

Class Times – Both morning and evening classes are held on Mon, Wed & Fri. All classes are 50 min to 1 hour long.

Morning classes begin at 9:00am at The Jamison and we have access to a basketball gym, gym and outdoor area available for class. If you can’t make an evening class, you can come to the morning and vice versa.

Evening classes are located at Lake Lynn OR The Pleasant Valley Promenade and begin at 7PM. There are two entrances to Lake Lynn and our class is held off the Lynn road entrance. We set up at the top of the stairs in the fielded area. In case of inclement weather, we meet at The Pleasant Valley Promenade.

*NEW NEW NEW* Online classes are for folks who would like a bit more flexibilty with time. Our SAME Bootcamp workouts can be done anywhere!  Follow along with us each week and recieve the virtual version of each workout.  Your 3 weekly workouts follow along with our on-site schedule days (Mon. Wed. & Fridays).  You will recieve 24 Bootcamp style workouts for 8 weeks via the Trainerize software. For more information please use the contact form or e-mail melissa@flyawayfitness.com 

What to bring: 

1. Mat or towel

2. Water for hydration

3. Dumbbells- as needed. (Keep handy in your car; we will use almost every class)

Workout Info: All of the workouts are different. You will RARELY visit the same workout twice. The 8 week program allows you to “build a fitness level base” and then workout after workout, week after week, the workouts become more challenging so your body NEVER adapts. The program is designed for ALL fitness levels. If there is ever an exercise that you cannot do, there’s a modification for it. There is no reason to be scared or feel like you cannot do this. You will absolutely do cardio – every week there is the lake run OR if you are in the morning class, a treadmill run for 12 minutes. Cardio is also included during the workouts, there is more to cardio than just treadmills and running. Most workouts fall under the HIIT category of exercise (high intensity interval training) – a lot of timed work so everyone can do what they can in the time allotted.

Example of an 8 week workout line up:

Week 1 - Fitness testing – a proper assessment as a group and also record measurements and do a body fat test, only if you want it. Hopefully you will see improvement at the end of the 8 weeks. Build a base, basic body weight workouts (during this week you will learn the proper form and technique to use for basic exercises).

Week 2 - Compound exercises: working more than one muscle group at a time

Week 3 – AMRAP circuit workouts: As Many Rounds As Possible, As Many Reps As Possible

Week 4 – Tabata workouts

Week 5 – Ladder workouts (increasing reps or decreasing reps of body weight exercises) typically I’m told that this is the hardest week.

Week 6 – Bring a friend week: partner exercises or “best of Bootcamp”

Week 7 – Isometric exercises: working on static holds (ex: planks, wall sits, lunge holds etc.)

Week 8 – Cross Fit WODs and fitness testing

* Each week, emails are sent with nutritional information & other info for the week.