Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Online Training Work For Me? YES, YES, and YES!!! I have had the pleasure of helping many people in person to transform their bodies and their lives via Fly Away Fitness!  While I can’t do the workouts or grocery shop for you, I can make sure you are well prepared, educated and motivated to achieve the body of your dreams!  I am not about “quick fixes” or taking numerous supplements,  I believe in educating my clients on how to workout and eat for their individual fitness goals.  Whether you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or training for a specific race/event, I will help you each step of the way.

Do I Need to Have a Gym Membership? Although I recommend having a gym membership if you do not have a lot of exercise equipment at home, this is not mandatory.  I am able to create at home workouts for you based around the equipment you will have available, or I will make suggestions of a few items you might want to pick up for the home in order to get the most out of your home workouts. 

If I am Local Can I Come in for a Consult? If you are looking for one on one training then yes, but for online clients an in-person initial consult can only be done for an added cost.  To set up a consult for one on one in-person training with Melissa please email and training is $65/hour.

Will I Be Provided with a Nutrition Plan? I do not believe in giving people a pre-set eating plan that is strict and difficult to follow; however, depending on the level of package you purchase, I will provide you with many resources such as weekly nutritonal emails and fit tips. 

What if I Don't Think My Form for a Certain Exercise is Correct? I feel form is VERY important in getting the most out of every exercise and preventing injury, so I would have no problem taking a look at a picture or video of you performing any of your exercises in order to ensure you are performing each exercise optimally.

Are Refunds an Option? There is a no refund policy, I want you to succeed and really commit to your body transformation.  I feel that if there is a refund available it is to easy to quit.  My programs are very effective, but they take some time, hard work, and dedication to reap the full benefits.  If you are on a pre-paid monthly program, at the time of cancellation you will be charged for that current month only and recurring payments will be stopped immediately for the following month.

Still have questions?? Email me at and I would be happy to answer any of your questions!

How Does Online Training Work?

The Fly Away Fitness Training Online Training Program is identical to the process that my 1:1 clients go through when they come and work with me in the studio.  The only difference is, it’s all done online.

  1. First things first, you will complete some paperwork. (Get To Know You)
  2. You’ll then set up your account via TRAINERIZE and if you'd like, take some photos of yourself as well as some measurements. (Find Your Starting Point) 
  3. You’ll then create for yourself a 12 Week Goal. (Find Out Where You Want To Go)
  4. While you’re doing all this, I use your forms, questionnaires, along with your 12 Week Goal to design for you a tailored and personalised Training Program. Your workouts will be posted weekly.  
  5. Your workouts are delivered straight to your smart phone using our cool TRAINERIZE app.  Easy to use with videos and tracking so you’re in complete control.
  6. At your halfway point you’ll re-assess yourself to make sure that what you’re doing is working. (Roadside Check Up)


Unlike other online programs where the exercise regimes are templated (in other words ready made generic) ours are specifically designed FOR YOU based on the information you provided during the Assessment. 

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to gain edge over your competitors, or you’ve never trained before in your life we’ve got you covered.  In fact, you don’t even have to set foot in a gym.

You can train anywhere you want. At HOME, in the PARK, at the GYM

Our Training Programs can be done wherever you are!

Once you’ve completed all of the paperwork and assessment upload, I design for you a tailored workout program based on your goals and current physical limitations.

There are many benefits to having my expertise design your programs and using our smartphone software:

  • The workouts are delivered right to your smartphone.
  • The risk of injury is greatly reduced because you have videos to watch to insure proper form/technique.
  • Your chances of sticking to the plan is greatly enhanced because I’ve actually taken your capabilities into consideration when your program was designed.
  • Your workouts come with a full set of instructions including sets, reps, weights, tempo and rest periods.
  • You tell me what days and approximate time you want to train and I schedule your workouts accordingly.
  • You’ll receive reminder emails on the days you’re scheduled to train.
  • You can track your workouts, AND SO CAN I!
  • I’ll know if you miss a workout.  But I’ll also know when you’ve finished one.